A Quick Guide to Choosing the Right Printer Color

Whether you’re making a sign or a custom batch of shirts, it can be hard to choose the best colors when making printed advertisements for your business. Before you decide on shades, you need to consider a few things about the design you’re working with and what you’ll be printing on. Here’s a guide to choosing the right colors for your printed items.

Choose Background Colors First

Before deciding on font colors, you need to know what color you’ll be printing on. A bright orange logo would look great on a yellow or black t-shirt, but it would clash against a blue poster. Pick your background color first, and then build your printed design around it. If you want to print your design in multiple colors, consider using black for every background. Try not to use neon colors on white, and consult the color wheel if you’re struggling to find a pairing you like. Complementary colors usually work best together, as well as colors in the same family.

Match Colors to Your Logo

If you’re using a logo in combination with a printed phone number or address, choose a font color that matches or compliments your logo. You could also alter the colors of your logo to match the font or background, but just try not to use colors that don’t look good together.

Don’t Use Color for Small Text

If your design includes a small font, you might be tempted to print it in the same color as the larger text. Unfortunately, fonts smaller than 12 point won’t print right in color. This is because the magenta, cyan, yellow and black inks are stamped on top of each other to create new colors, and this can cause a different colored halo around small text. It isn’t noticeable with large fonts, but smaller letters shouldn’t be printed in color.

Be Aware of Printer Color Differences

Sign printing is a great way to make eye-catching advertisements, but even the best screen printers have their limitations. If you’re choosing bright colors for your printed design, keep in mind that they probably won’t look the same when they’re printed. Printers can desaturate colors, causing them to look a few shades different than they do on your computer screen. You might be able to adjust this by digitally brightening the design before printing, but your prints aren’t going to look identical to the design you choose. Colored pictures don’t always have this issue, but it’s common in designs made digitally.

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